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The endometrial glands grow and enlarge causing more blood vessels. Premature menopause is diagnosed by measuring the levels of follicle stimulating hormone FSH and luteinizing hormone LH. Tap to switch to the Professional version. The provider should check carefully before deciding that the child is a boy or a girl. Click here for the Professional Version. It takes only one sperm to fertilize the egg.

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The outer cells become thin membranes that form around the baby.

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Developmental disorders of the female genital tract

If a female and male have sex within several days of the female's ovulation egg releasefertilization can occur. The male gamete, or sperm, and the female gamete, the egg or ovum, meet in the female's reproductive system. In this syndrome, the baby is missing part or all of the internal reproductive organs uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes. The clitoral glans or external tip of the clitoris is protected by the prepuce, or clitoral hood, a covering of tissue similar to the foreskin of the male penis. Pelvic inflammatory disease PID is a widespread infection that originates in the vagina and uterus and spreads to the uterine tubes, ovaries, and ultimately the pelvic peritoneum. During the uterine cyclethe endometrial lining of the uterus builds up under the influence of increasing levels of estrogen labeled as estradiol in the image. The reasons for this are not completely understood.

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