10 signs youre dating a manchild

Why bother looking to the future when you can stay exactly where you are and lead exactly the same life as you did in Don't make it even harder and punish yourself in the process by being with a man who's pretending to be a grownup just to get into your pants. Men-children have little patience or enthusiasm to cook or budget to order proper meals all the time. Say NO to the Manchild. Want to get meals cooked?

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He makes you guess about what he feels and what he has in mind.

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12 Surefire Signs You’re Dating A Man-Child

It probably stems from him peaking when he was about 18 years old, and still believing that he's that same guy now. All of it is because of you. Unmade beds, no wardrobe to speak of, soiled dishes lying around the room, and a questionable status of personal hygiene - one would think we are talking about lazy college teens who are yet to grow up. Being a man-child is a classic case of responsibility shrugging. But then doesn't actually do anything else to prove how much he cares about you or to work hard to keep you.

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